As co-founder and CEO, Phong Lam leads the strategic direction of Zecontech’s ongoing technological development. He provides leadership and insight into the creation and implementation of complex information technology (IT) servicing solutions for Zecontech's customers within industry sectors, such as financial services, investment banking, healthcare, third-party logistics, non-profit, defense contracting, multimedia, accounting, real estate, and hospitality.

Mr. Lam has a combination of more than 25 years of experience with cloud computing, network computing and distributed processing.  Prior to creating Zecontech, Mr. Lam was a co-founder and CTO of ReliaQuote, Inc, where he led the development of online insurance servicing platform, as well as, back-end contact center technologies that enabled ReliaQuote to become a leader in Term Life insurance sector.  ReliaQuote was acquired by a Fortune 500 financial service company in 2003.  Prior to ReliaQuote, he was an IT Architect with IBM Global Services, where he focused on designing and implementing Client/Server solutions for the financial services industry.

Mr. Lam has earned many professional certifications, among them are: HIPAA Security Professional, Client/Servers Systems Certified Professional, and Internet/Intranet Architect.  He has also earned multiple specialty certifications from Cisco, Amazon Cloud Services, Microsoft, Symantec, Intel, etc.

Early Life

Born in Dalat, Vietnam, in 1971, during the final years of the Vietnam War, Mr. Lam was separated from his dad at the age of 1. His father left for the U.S to complete his Electrical Engineering studies at Georgia Institute of Technologies.  After the Vietnam War ended in 1975, he, his mom, his four siblings, and fellow Vietnamese countryman struggled to survive in the post-war depression.  He starting taking on house chores at the age of 5.  At the age of 7-11, he sells cigarettes on the street, as well as helped manage (order and pickup inventory supplies, bill collection, cashier, etc) the family small convenient store outside of school hours.   This is when he first developed his entrepreneurship and business skills.  Mr. Lam and his family reunited with his dad in 1982 in the United States after 11 years apart.

At the University of Maryland at College Park, Mr. Lam developed a passion for computers/networking and went on to earn both a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Telecommunication, with cross-disciplinary in Business Administration. He performed his internships at IBM’s AS/400 Division in Rochester, Minnesota, and at PRC’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Division in Arlington, VA, prior to graduating from graduate school.

Personal Life

Mr. Lam, and his wife, a Vascular Surgeon and a researcher at George Washington University, have two teenage boys.

Phong Lam is on LinkedIn