Hosted Phone Services

Hosted Phone Services

Business Phone System That’s More Than Just Talk.


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Every business needs some kind of phone system and any vendor can sell you phones that ring.  Clients choose us because our systems and services are not only reliable and affordable, but they also help business owners and managers sell, service and collaborate with ease.   Whether you prefer to deploy an on-premise solution or one that’s hosted in the cloud, we make it easy.

Business Impact

download_brochureFonality is designed to have an impact on your business well beyond simple dial tone.  Here are just a few of the business impacts customers enjoy:

Improved Employee Productivity and Responsiveness – Simple 4-digit dialing between team members and personalized call routing help employees stay in touch with customers, partners and each other in the most efficient way possible.

 Sell More, Service Better – Built-in contact center features have real bottom-line impact – queuing and delivering calls with real time dashboards.

Hire the Best, Not Just the Closest – With our technology powering your business, many of the problems of hiring and training new employees are solved.  Allow employees across multiple physical locations to act and communicate as though they are in a single office, even remote employees working from home.

“The phones are an integral part of our business.  The solution has absolutely been right for us.  We’ve seen unexpected benefits, and received excellent support.  Other attorneys are blown away when I tell them how affordable and easy to manage it has been for us."

Adam Mlynarczyk - Koontz Mlynarczyk, LLC

Business Phone System Features

Fonality comes complete with all of the features you need from a phone system.  Here are just a few of the 50+ features included with the system at no additional charge.

No Commitment But Our Commitment

We only want happy customers.  That’s why we don’t try to lock customers into big commitments.  If you are not satisfied with your Fonality service, just let us know, and give us some time to fix it.  If you’re still not satisfied, you can return any hardware, phones, or upfront discounts we might have provided, and we’ll part as friends.  How can we be confident enough to make this commitment?  Because over 25,000 businesses choose to stay with us every day, and even with more than 275,000 users worldwide, we have the best retention rate in the industry.  Our clients can leave us, but they don’t.

CRM Integration

The two most important technologies in your business are likely your phone system and your CRM system.  Fonality brings them together to create a seamless work stream for your staff and powerful analytic data for management.  We provide out-of-the-box integration with the most popular CRM systems, such as, and API integration for other solutions.

Contact Center Features for All

Not every business has a formal contact center, but most can benefit from contact center functionality.  That’s why Fonality Ultimate includes these features for all employees:

Unlimited Queues – Create queues for different departments; track calls into a specific number to measure marketing ROI.

 On-Demand Call Recording – Record and store agent calls         on-the-fly for training, quality assurance, and review.  “Always-on” call recording is also available for an additional fee.

Enhanced Contact Center Add On

For clients that need more advanced contact center features, we offer an optional enhanced Contact Center License which includes;

 Skills-Based Routing – Leverage employee skill levels for increased productivity and revenue; send more calls to your experienced agents and fewer calls to those in training. Add an additional prioritization layer based on agent order so you can allow similarly skilled agents to receive calls in round-robin fashion.

 Advanced Agent and Queue Reporting – Drill down to understand agent call patterns and productivity metrics, or view different parameters by queue.

Barge, Monitor, and Whisper – Allow managers to take over trickier calls when required, monitor customer calls for training and quality, or give direction for agent ears only.

 Real-Time Queue Details – Convenient dashboard view of call volumes and available agents. Know who’s available, who’s on a call or who's waiting for calls so you can reprioritize in a flash.

Unlimited VoIP Service

Fonality provides both business phone systems as well as phone service.  Customers can supply their own phone service, such as a PRI, T1 line, or VoIP service from another carrier, or they can choose unlimited VoIP service from Fonality.  Our voice service includes unlimited local calls and unlimited long distance calling to the United States and Canada.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

Our voicemail to email transcription service makes it easy to read, respond to and archive your voicemail messages.  Voicemail transcription makes it easy to be responsive wherever you are.  In a noisy conference call or a quiet meeting?  No problem.  You can read your voicemails without making a sound.

Deployment Options

The “brains” of the Fonality solution reside in our data centers and are delivered via the cloud.  All configuration, moves/adds/changes, and reports are done through a web-based control panel on  Add-on services including video collaboration and voicemail transcription are provided in the cloud. Fonality clients can choose between a cloud-based deployment for voice services, or one where the voice services equipment resides at the client’s location.  The diagrams below describe how each option works.

Cloud-Based Deployment


On- Premises Deployment


Switch Deployment Models

With Fonality, you're not locked in to a specific deployment model.  You can start in the cloud, and migrate to your own location.  Or you can start on premise and migrate to the cloud.  Even start with our public cloud and migrate to private cloud.  You decide.  And for customers with at least 25 seats, we'll pay for your migration up to once per year.



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