Hosted Fax Services

Hosted Fax Services

Secured Cloud Faxing Solution by Sfax.


Starting from just $9 per month, it’s time to ditch that $30/mo slow phone line. Call us Now!!!

We bring sfaxyou an ideal alternative to traditional faxing. Sfax lets you send, receive, annotate, digitally sign, and manage faxes without printing a single physical document. Documents are stored on encrypted cloud-based servers. Nothing is ever stored on a local hard drive or server, where you run the risk of compromising data security.

download_brochureSfax provides you with a host of productivity tools to help you limit tedious and time-consuming manual processes and mounds of paper and improve your document workflow. You can control access, track usage, and help protect documents and data.

With its ease of use, immediacy of delivery, and universal accessibility, faxing is here to stay. However, today’s businesses must meet stringent regulations and take necessary measures to help guard patient privacy, as mandated by law.

Issues with fax servers

  • Privacy may be compromised
  • Physically obtaining manual signatures is inefficient and time-consuming
  • Physical fax pages are often misplaced
  • Additional labor is required to import documents into your processes
  • It’s less accessible to staff who travel or work remotely.

Cloud-based faxing works wonders

  • Encrypted communications and password protected documents and data
  • Complete audit trail of all fax activity
  • Leading solution that includes annotations and digital signature
  • Fast delivery and receipt rates, ideal for time-sensative information
  • High image quality of transmitted documents
  • Easy-to-use on desktop, web, on the go (iOS and Android mobiles and tablets) and through an integration with our API
  • Straightforward Sfax subscription pricing with no upfront costs
  • U.S.-based hardware and software support
  • Better than 99.9% uptime (over last 2 years)



Sfax is a HIPAA compliant cloud faxing solution that works via a web browser, on both Mac and Windows computers, on your mobile and tablet - and through our API. Organize, manage, and send unlimited faxes from any internet connection, and according to your preferred workflow. Administrators have total control to set the parameters for every user.


Use Sfax with any modern web browser - IE, chrome, firefox and safari.


Fax any document from your PC or Mac. If you can print it, you can fax it – without leaving your seat.


Run as a service to help enterprise customers handle high volumes of inbound faxing.


Sfax for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets for exchanging documents securely, from anywhere.


Get secure, compliant, cloud-based faxing using out RESTful API within your software application.



We continue to evolve Sfax to exceed our customers' needs. We're planning our 4th generation now.

When selecting a cloud fax service, it is vital to compare ‘apples to apples’. Here are eight reasons why Sfax is different and better solution than other cloud fax providers

1. Genuine control

  • Administrators have full control to manage users set their access and permissions, adjust security settings and generate reports for maximum efficiency
  • Groups can work together, collaborate, view, file, send or export documents from any location

2. Uncompromising security

  • We have a plethora of physical, organizational and the technical measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information processed
  • We deliver the highest levels of security to handle sensitive information
  • Backed by a $3m liability insurance policy

3. Great flexibility

  • One account and a wealth of options
  • Multiple organizations or sub-organizations in multiple locations can have multiple fax lines and multiple users — and share the same plan.

4. Transparent fees

  • We only charge for successfully delivered faxes — not for part — faxes, odd pages, retires and unsuccessful faxes
  • You pay once for a successfully delivered fax page — that’s it

5. (Very) careful use of email

  • We never send sensitive information via email and only ever use it for notifications (if you select that option).

Note: Use of email to send and receive sensitive documents is simply not compliant, a very bad idea and exposes your organization to enormous risk.

6. HIPAA compliance

  • We designed Sfax to meet the rigors of healthcare and other industries concerned about sensitive documents and data.
  • We have a Compliance Officer and take it so seriously that every person in Scrypt has completed HIPAA training.

7. Superior performance

Unlike manual faxing or fax servers or lower-grade services, Sfax enables users to send and receive unlimited faxes at the same time.

8. No robots, just humans

We have a great (human) support team based in Austin, TX who work alongside our development team.

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