Phone / Fax / Call Center Services

Phone / Fax / Call Center Services

Hosted Phone Services

voice services
You might have heard terms like "Hosted PBX", "Cloud PBX" or "Virtual PBX" when shopping around for the right phone system solution for your business. There's really not much difference. Hosted PBX phone system solution allows you all the features large enterprises have without worrying about an actual PBX box at your business location. Instead, your phone service is hosted on cloud servers and your desk phones connect to the servers using your internet connection. Pair that with an affordable monthly price and without all the headaches of owning, installing and manageing complicated hardware and software.

No matter the size or location, Hosted PBX can simplify the way you manage your business phone.

Hosted PBX services give you enterprise-grade calling features, improve reliability, and enable mobile users—while cutting your phone bills by over 50%
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Hosted Fax Services

Go far beyond traditional faxes

internet fax

  • Use your Windows PC (without special hardware) to send to any fax machine
  • Send a fax quickly via email by attaching a file, just as you would to send an email
  • Send faxes to multiple people at the same time
  • Automatically store your faxes in a web database for secure archiving and retrieval
  • Keep private faxes private, not in your company’s shared fax machine
  • In most cases, you can keep your fax number and we can transfer it
Never worry about busy signals, expensive ink or running out of paper.
Fax finally goes digital
  • Get email alerts whenever you receive a fax
  • Instantly receive faxes to email in PDF form
  • View faxes on virtually any web-enabled device, anywhere
  • Forward a received fax to any email address, or quickly print it
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Cloud Messaging Services

Most agents don’t enjoy hand-dialing, leaving voicemail messages, busy tones, and spreadsheets. With Cloud Messaging, you can address all of these pains in an easy-to-use simple user interface. Spend more time having quality conversations and less time waiting.