Hosted Security Services

Hosted Security Services

Endpoint Protection

symantec_ep_smbYou’ve worked hard to grow your business. Now, with Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition, adding critical protection to every desktop, laptop, and server has never been easier. As a cloud-managed solution, it sets up in minutes and updates automatically in the background. It’s an easy way to protect your business and your productivity.

  • Fast and effective scans protects against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and won’t slow down your systems so you can focus on running your business
  • Gain flexibility to enjoy the power and convenience of a cloud-managed service with always-on protection or manage locally on-site with a server
  • Save on time and labor with set up in just minutes with no additional hardware, and no special staff or training required 
  • Symantec Insight and SONAR technologies detect new and rapidly mutating malware stopping malicious behavior, including new and previously unknown threats
  • A single subscription fee flattens operating costs and covers maintenance, service updates and 24x7 support, regardless of whether you opt for the cloud-managed service or on-premise management.
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It's time to move beyond antivirus. Targeted attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats cannot be stopped by antivirus alone. These distinct threats require layered protection and intelligent security at the endpoint.
  • Simple, fast and effective protection against viruses and malware
  • Available as a cloud-managed service or as an on-premise management application 
  • Easy setup and web-based management 
  • Strong core security technologies from a world-leader in security technologies
  • Simple subscription pricing covers either management choice
Small Businesses (SBs) often experience a greater risk from hackers, malware and
other security threats

You've read the headlines : "Data breach" , "Small vendor used in big attack!" Small Businesses are under increasing attacks from cyber criminals.  They are used frequently as a stepping stone to a bigger target such as the big enterprises they conduct business with.

In fact, targeted attacks on SBs now account for 30% of all targeted attacks.1 While still less than those targeted at enterprises, the numbers are growing and other attacks forms are increasing.  For example, one in five SBs was targeted with at least 1 spear-phishing email in 2013.

On top of that, the risk to the overall livelihood of the SB is much greater than the typically more protected enterprise.  With less protection in place and less cushion or IT resources to help your business recover from a breach, for an SB, an attack can mean the difference between success and failure.

Security updates for your computer operating system or software often arrive too

We all have experienced software and system updates that offer critical patches against security threats.  What may not be obvious is that these patches only come after malware and other security incidents have occurred. The timing between the identification of malware and the patch can range from weeks to months; leaving otherwise unprotected systems vulnerable until the patch is released. Attackers often wreak havoc during the period leading up to a fix from the vendor to address the problem. The top five threats in 2013 that leveraged vulnerabilities like these had 19 days of total exposure and took an
average of 4 days to patch. Without a protection system that is both proactive and  thorough, that means millions of opportunities for your company to fall victim–losing business critical information, productivity,
and money.

You can have complete protection even when resources are limited

Being resource and budget conscious does not have to mean forgoing necessary protections. With easy-to-implement and easy-to-use, cloud-managed security offerings, SBs can get the protection enjoyed by larger enterprises without the need for large teams of IT staff to manage them–with pricing that is affordable.

And, because adding users can typically be done at any time - cloud-managed services offer the scalability to address the needs of a growing business over time.

Not all security products are created equal

Small Businesses should look for security products that outperform in three key areas:

  • Ease-of-use: Security products that are easy to install and use allow SBs to focus on running their businesses, not on running software.
  • Speed: An effective security product should work fast to complete scans without noticable impact to a user's computer or system resources.
  • Effectiveness: While speed is important, speed at the cost of effectiveness is a problem. A high performing security solution should proactively protect against all known and unknown threats without impacting daily business functions.
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