File Sync and Share

Business-grade File Sync and Share


ShareSync delivers an easy-to-use, business-grade file sync and share service to small and medium-sized businesses via the cloud.

ShareSync can help improve productivity for mobile employees and remote users, it helps boost collaboration, while offering full control and protection of company data.
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"Personal cloud services such as Dropbox, Apple's iCloud and Google Drive …represent a serious security and compliance threat for an IT organization, because employees can share corporate documents with third parties, or store documents… completely out of an IT organization's control." - Gartner, February 2013

  • Simple Internal and External Sharing
  • Strict Control over Permissions and Access
  • Syncing and Sharing on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and more
  • At-rest and in-Transit Encryption for regulatory compliance
  • Integrate with Office and Outlook
  • Integrate with Active Directory for Simple management and Control
  • 99.999% Uptime.

ShareSync vs. file servers: what's the difference?

If you come from the world of file servers, then file sync and share is going to blow you away.
File Servers

On-premises file servers are the traditional choice. They provide a central file repository, shared access and IT control over access permissions.  File servers  work very well within the four walls of an organization.  However:

  • Remote access to files is a challenge - It typically requires a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. This in turn requires IT to set up a VPN server and firewall and installing VPN client software on all devices accessing the file server.
  • Cross-platform support is a challenge - Support for the file server is generally limited to devices running the same operating system, e.g. Windows.

In the face of these limitations, there is no easy way to collaborate with individuals outside the organization—such as partners, suppliers or customers—without heavy IT coordination and effort.


Another drawback is that organizations have to purchase and maintain the hardware and software to operate a file server. In addition to the capital expenditure, this incurs ongoing electric, real estate and maintenance costs.


Like traditional file servers, cloud-based file sync & share services provide a shared, centralized file repository. The difference is these services are easily accessed from any location or device, which facilitates the needs of a far wider scope of users, devices and capabilities.

  • It is just as easy to support users inside an organization as outside.
  • Users, partners, suppliers and customers can all connect without a VPN.
  • Cloud file sync & share supports a wider range of mobile and computing devices, such as iPhone, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry.
  • The service provider maintains the hardware and software, so customers are relieved of that overhead and expense. Instead, they pay a monthly fee.

The advantages of cloud file sync & share service—mobility, cost-effectiveness, external sharing and easy collaboration—make it a superior solution for file sharing. The broader scope and ease of collaboration allows workers and businesses to be more productive.

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Cloud file sharing: business vs. consumer

Not all cloud services are created equal. Some service are built for consumers—and these services often fall short of business-grade protection and flexibility.

Consumer-grade cloud services are low-cost. Sometimes they’re even free. And they’re designed to be very easy to use. Their evolution has been driven by the ever-growing need for easy access to digital files. Because they’re so simple and so affordable, these file sharing services have become very popular, even in business.

The downside of consumer services is that they lack many of the features necessary in a business environment. These include robust security, rapid support, guaranteed uptime and independent IT control over access permissions.

Without these features, file sharing is risky for businesses due to the potential for downtime, data leakage and inability to adhere to IT polices.

Business-grade cloud file sync & share services offer much better security, support, uptime, and control. Many good business solutions are available on the market. However, they are not free (quality never is!) and feature sets and pricing vary significantly.

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