Disaster Recovery Assessments

Disaster Recovery (DR) Assessments

Why Do It?

Data is at the core of your business. Your emails, customer records, documents, and invoices – they’re all data you can’t do without! On top of that, there are regulations that your business might have to comply with: HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, SOX, NIST, etc.

Digital data is rapidly growing at a rate of 80% each year.  According to a industry survey of more than 1,000 small businesses:

  • 40% of Small and Medium Sized Businesses don't back up their data at all
  • 60% of all data is held on PC Desktops and laptops
  • 2,000 laptops are stolen or lost every day
  • A hard drive crashes every 15 seconds

Data Loss Will Happen

A data disaster can be crippling for a business, and the cost of downtime is typically in tens of thousands of dollars!

  • The overall average failure rate of disk and tape drives is 100% - all drives eventually fail
  • Recreating data from scratch is estimated to cost between $2000 and $8000 per MB
  • 60% of companies that lose their data close down within 6 months of the disaster
  • 72% of businesses that suffer major data loss disappear within 24 months
Traditional backup solutions can be expensive to implement and cumbersome to maintained, thus expose your business potential revenue and productivity loss.

  • Cost of upgrading to new backup tape system as your data grow
  • Cost of rotating and storing backup tapes off-site
  • Cost of managing and maintaining a backup tape system

DR Assessment Methodology:


At no charge, one of our Data Protection Specialists will evaluate the current state of your backups, including:

  • Your current data protection, including backup and restore procedures, tape rotations and maintenance schedule to see if there is any exposure of your data’s security.
  • Policy and procedures for storage and transportation of data.
  • Your network backup to make sure they are accurately backing up all of the business critical files and data.

After we’ve gathered all the information, we’ll create an easy-to-understand report outlining our findings and explain in plain English where your risks are.  We'll work with you to assess the cost of the risks vs. the cost of managing those risks, and provide you with an action plan for further securing your data.

Your comprehensive Disaster Recovery report, delivered on conclusion of the assessment, will include:

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