10 Awesome Places To Work Remotely

beach-vacationI heard a story on NPR this morning talking about the distractions many employees report in today‚Äôs open concept offices ‚Äď and how some spend surprisingly little time at their desks. Thankfully, visionary employers are freeing their people to work in all kinds of places.

Really, all you need is some basic technology tools. Start with a laptop, tablet and/or smartphone. Sign up for a business phone system that puts your voice calls in the cloud and connects colleagues with collaboration tools over the Internet. When employees have the freedom to work from anywhere, word on the street is employees with this kind of flexibility are happier. According to The Harvard Business Review, they are also more productive when they're allowed to telecommute.

With Wi-Fi popping up in the craziest places, pack up your VoIP virtual phone service, your favorite gadgets, and hit the road to one of our...


  1. Your home office: When you think wacky and incredible places, your home office likely isn't the first spot to come to mind. But for Stefan Didak, it is. Back in the '80s, he started up his own company, and since then he's created perhaps the most famous home office out there. The office is like a techie candy store. By following Didak's lead, you can make your home office into the most amazing place you work.
  2. Hermosa Beach, California: Near Los Angeles, you can get free Wi-Fi while chilling seaside.
  3. Whole Foods: If you're anything like my team, you hate packing lunches but really want to make better choices. Whole Foods has tons of ready-made options and great seating. Plus, locations offer Wi-Fi for all customers. It's quieter.
  4. Sofia, Bulgaria: When's the last time you said, "Hey, I've got a few extra vacation days, time to go to Bulgaria!"? While it doesn't enjoy the tourism popularity of places like Italy and France, Bulgaria is a truly underrated place. That's because it not only gives you an unbeatable taste of the Balkans, but it's also a Wi-Fi gold mine. In the capital city of Sofia, for instance, there are tons of places where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi.
  5. Phuket, Thailand: While we're on the topic of Thailand, why not check out Phuket? As The Telegraph points out, this island offers super cheap prices and boasts positively tropical year-round weather.
  6. Space: The first commercial space tourist exploration company - Virgin Galactic - will offer free Wi-Fi for those aboard its flights. Well, there's one caveat: The Wi-Fi might be free, but the cost to get aboard the commercial flight will run you a cool $200,000. According to Business Insider, this is a "cheap" price (their word, not ours). If you have that kind of money to throw around, you can probably afford to miss a few days of work, too.And once you’re in space, there’s a WiFi-enabled place you can visit: the International Space Station. Sure, the connection speed may not be fast - 10 Mbps download time, 3 Mbps upload - but we're guessing you can't beat the view anywhere on Earth.
  7. Mount Girnar: After you've finished your desert exploration/remote work day in Sarahan, consider going to India's Mount Girnar, a 3,383-foot peak that, in addition to offering stunning scenery, also provides Wi-Fi in the areas where you'd be climbing. A workday where you're trekking up the side of a mountain? Sounds like a great team builder!
  8. Anywhere in Lithuania: Why Lithuania, you ask? Well, as Business Insider reported, a company called Rotten Wi-Fi conducted a test of global public Wi-Fi network speeds. The winning country wasn't a place like the U.S. or Japan, but instead Lithuania, where the averagedownload speed is 15.40 Mbps. That's more than double the United States' average of 6.89 Mbps.
  9. Atop a donkey: Don't you hate it when your donkey riding gets in the way of you logging onto the company network? Well thankfully, you don't have to do one at a time anymore. As Engadget reports,  Israel has Wi-Fi-equipped donkeys. For real.
  10. Anywhere you want: As this list should illustrate, there's pretty much no limit to where you can work remotely. From the mountaintops to the reaches of space, there's a connection everywhere you go. According to Business Insider, 13 percent of people even work from the bathroom. (For the record: Not okay!!!)

If your business is ready to work remotely in places from the mundane to the magnificent, get a tour of the Hosted Phone Service that makes this all possible.

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